​It was supposed to end last march 22. 

Instead, my agony has been prolonged. It was extended until the 25th of March. Wow, I was actually happy since my mortality was once given a life. A life that happiness cease to exist—a life full of woe and sufferings.  

I thought I can finally be free from all the disappointments and failures that this semester has offered me. I thought… I am so close to the end of the line. 

So close. So close to graduating.

But why can’t I still see the light? When will be the end of all this? 

As I am typing this, I remembered the journey that Sam and Frodo had been through just to throw the ring at the Mordor. It was, indeed, a journey full of deceptions and hardships.

“It wasn’t just a ring—that was The Ring.  The ring that rules them all. 

Many of you would think that Frodo is the real hero, though I am not implying that he isn’t. However, Sam was actually the true hero for me, without his constant guidance and loyalty to his friend I don’t think Frodo can make it at Mordor. The biggest struggle that they both went through is when they met Gollum, who was once a nice man but was eventually corrupted by The Ring, along the way. (My precioussssssss!). Then, I realized that we all have a Gollum inside of us. We are corrupted in our own way.

The Ring isn’t the root of all evil. Thesis isn’t. 

Let us not blame the inanimate objects for our barbaric actions. 

All the blame is on us. 

But, you know what, it was all thanks to Samwise Gamgee for not giving up on his friend, Mr. Frodo, and for never leaving him behind despite of his hard-headedness. He never left him. Without his help, Frodo will be forever stuck in his own demise. The Middle-Earth wouldn’t be saved. Everything would be meaningless. 

I realized, that despite of what I’ve been going through, I am so glad to have friends who are more than willing to listen to all my rants, disappointments and feeding me with positivity. 

I am thankful for having Sams in my life.

They radiate life and beauty.


Author: puggg

19. Here lies the idiosyncrasies of a struggling chemistry student.

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