People come and go.

Memories are like footprints in the sand. Here today, gone tomorrow. Maybe that’s the way things should be, not everything in your life is permanent. Everything that has happened in your life were the results of the choices you made—be it good or bad. 

People say that “everything happens for a reason”. How can this be not true? Try it to see it this way, you are in a situation and someone asked you to pick between two pills that look alike—a good and bad pill— and that someone told you which is which, so what would you do? Normally, when someone say that this is the right choice, people would think that it’s just a form of trickery. However, one would also think that “maybe he’s just trying to trick me, but I know better”, so people would go against with what is being offered to them.

That’s the nature of man. We always have doubts and questions about everything. But you know what’s the real flaw with that scenario? That someone matters. Maybe if that person knew someone for years, he would react differently. He would completely trust the words he say. He would think that someone means no harm. This is primarily the reason why people who used to be on top, with just a snapped, hit the rock bottom. All thanks for trusting the wrong person. 

I’ve learned this the hard way. Not everyone you care about, cares about you. They may say that they’ll support you in every decision that you’ll make but, in reality, somewhere deep down in their heart they wish you the worst. Maybe that’s too much. Haha. So, I always tell myself to live independently and to not expect too much from other people to avoid being disappointed.

Yes, I have friends. 

Yes, I hangout with people.

Yes, I enjoy every moments I spend with them.

And yes, I was happy.

Happiness that never really lasts. 

Yes, I am afraid. I am afraid of being too close to someone. I am afraid of being to close because I know, one day, just like everyone else—they’ll leave and what am I left with? A broken heart. 

It’s sad but, let’s face it, that’s just how it is. So, I swore to forget everything and be happy with just myself. 

I used to be that way. I used to think that way, I realised that rather than being a pessimist and thinking badly of the humanity and for doubting every person I meet, maybe they were meant to kept me company for a while, maybe the problem isn’t really them, it’s the way I view things.

It doesn’t matter which pill you’d choose—the good or the bad one—because there’s no such thing as the wrong pill. The thought of something is good or bad to you is just an illusion. There’s no such thing as wrong choice, whichever path you take, you’ll never know if it’s the right one unless you see it yourself. So, take heart and make the path you chose to be the right one. Just like with people, if they left you, do not be discouraged. Not everyone will make it in your future, some people are best left in the past. 

Bring out the best in every situation, doesn’t matter how bad it is. Eventually, something good will come out of it. Do not worry about what tomorrow may bring, and just enjoy every second of every day. 


Author: puggg

19. Here lies the idiosyncrasies of a struggling chemistry student.

1 thought on “THE GOOD IN GOODBYES”

  1. For me, seeing that “people come and go” is not really a sorrowful sight for me these days. (Thanks for the past experiences, I learned how to love people in every way.) I will not force you to have a mindset like mine (because I know I cannot control how you feel towards things – or I guess a sort of defense mechanism) but these days, I see the scenario of “people come and go” to be something victorious and joyful. Always try to see the good things in every circumstance, and then you’ll have a different point of view of everything that surrounds you. A point of view that’s completely different with a pessimist’s, optimist’s, or realist’s; a view that a mind’s perception cannot see but with the heart. I guess in these situations, the heart can be trusted.

    It has took me so long to learn how to be selfless, and care more for the hurt of the other people other than mine. Before, I thought that protecting myself against disappointments brought by other people was really the way to go, but that was a plainly selfish act of mine. I cannot love other people fully if I am building walls for them, and I also do not want to climb the walls they’ve built for me. I am not inflicting self-damage in me, in fact, I was healed slowly when I learned these things.

    But still, there will be people who’s only for a season for you, and there will be for keeps. For the people who stay only for a season in your life, do not be disheartened (but actually it hurts for a while especially if you ended not in good terms), instead, be thankful for the moments you’ve shared and for the things you’ve contributed to the life of those people and also, vice versa. If ever they’ll forget about you, at least you kept the happy memories with you.

    And my friend, I know, there will be times you’ll be having trust issues with me, or you’ll doubt whether I’ll stay or not. I, as your friend, will be on your side as long as the God in the heavens allow me to be your guardian and friend and I am more than happy to stay. 🙂

    This was a long comment though, I though it was my blog. Haha. Sorry. 😀

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