1. You sleep.
  2. Procrastinate.
  3. Panic.
  4. Cry.

    Kiddinggggg. I have no idea how, all I know is to never give up. I am beyooooooooond depressed but I’m still trying my best to see the positive side despite of all the misfortunes and failures I am currently facing. I will never give up. NEVEEEEER!!! The blame is all on me. No one else’s. I am so mad at myself for not being smart enough and I tend to forget things easily. I kinda feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating. 

    Why do I have to be so stupid? I badly want to learn all the concepts and mechanisms in organic chemistry but why does it seem so impossible? (I failed again!) But most would argue, that nothing is impossible if you believe. Well, you know, believing isn’t enough. You’ve got to work hard for it! Okaay, okay. 

    I may be physically weak, but my spirit is stronger. I may fail, but I’ll keep holding on. I am still running the race, I will finish strong!   

    After that gruesome exam in PolGov and O-chem, I still have to face one last exam this week—hello, physical chemistry!!!  

    I can’t focus on my review last night due to unmentionable reasons. So, I prayed and slept (exactly how my friend told me! And as much as I wanted to discuss everything in full details with feelings, I just can’t. It’s not safe!). 

    Anyway, may God bless me and our entire batch for our finals in physical chemistry this afternoon! 

    Entry 005

    I’ve been studying Aromatics for almost four hours now. So slooooooooow. Too much chemistry in one day!!! AT LEAST, MY THESIS IS OVER!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH. And I slept for 12 hours last night! Yes!!! 

    • Carboxylic Acids and its derivatives
    • Aldehydes and Ketones

    Wait, what else???? 

    Come on, brain. 

    Work, work, work.

    Note to self: you only have a week left to save this semester! 

    I am leaving my thoughts here because twitter and facebook aren’t working. Well, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. Lol

    It’s kind of ironic to think that we like or love or fall in love with the person who can’t even reciprocate our feelings. And we often wonder why we’re always in pain? Don’t you constantly ask yourself, “Out of all the people, why him?” because I do. 
    But maybe this is how it works, not everything will go according to our heart’s desire.

     To err is human. And the heart can really be deceitful. Beware. 

    I think through a series of unfortunate events and wrong choices are God’s way of revealing his true destined path for us. We just have to believe in it and see right through it. It’s always up to us. 

    THE-(end is near)-SIS

    Cause of death: asphyxiation due to thesis.

    When you’ve got two weeks left before your scheduled thesis defense, but your adviser wants you to redo all your experiments. Kill me please. Just pleaseeeeee. 

    I am exhausted. 

    Crying has been my favourite hobby this semester. I’ve got my heart shattered hundred times already. Not romantically, rather, scientifically. Lol. 

    This isn’t really relevant but I just want this out of my chest to unload some of my frustrations. Oh, to make things worse, the left side of my cheeks got cut (though not too deep) by the shards of my eyeglasses. I never realised that it was broken before it was too late. I got hurt already. It can never be undone. Yeyyy, way to go. 
    Basically, another day wasted.